Sunday, April 24, 2005

The Demolition Effort Continues

Well, today Rick continued cutting up to the end of the wood. This came about as a result of drilling, chiselling, sawing and plain brute force. Midway through, I pitched in and we both worked at cutting--or breaking--the bolts going from the frame, through the floor and the "U" channel (a piece of bent aluminum providing an airspace between the inner and outer shells). That released, Rick lifted up the "U" channel, drilled out the front rivets--and the rusted front plate just fell away! I suppose that's one thing we're going to have to replace!

Interior view with the rusted front frame plate removed

Front plate

View from the outside--Rick removed the old battery box and drilled out the rivets holding the front plate and the forward lip of the bellypan

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Rich Luhr said...

Mary, it looks like your front A-frame is completely rusted through! Those frame members are supposed to connect to the front (exterior) A-frame -- did you realize that? Looks like serious welding is called for here, and maybe a "full monty".