Monday, July 18, 2005

Getting Back to Work

It's been a month since I've really done any meaningful work on the trailer. A very hot month!

Yesterday, the muggiest day in a very long time, I went back into the shell and went back to working on woodwork. A hour later, I was covered head to toe in dampness. I don't think it was perspiration, since it was early and cool. All my dry clothes were just a wick for the humidity. I also think, but cannot verify, that the humidity impaired the refinishing chemicals--it all seemed to take longer.

Earlier in the week, Rick ordered a new power jack. We've been wrestling with this, but it's a little luxury I think Rick will enjoy. Meanwhile, we are still figuring out how much we are going to replace on the toungue. One thing we did figure out--the sway bar clamps are not set symetrically on the trailer--so that's something we'll definitely replace. We'd like to also replace the receiver, since the old one is a little sticky. However, the old one is also very well attached to the frame--so cutting it off may end up becoming too much for us to accomplish.

Doing this is holding us back from finalizing the electric. Why? Because the harness has to pass through the frame--where we plan to weld. Rick is considering putting in a little access panel on the inside, which would allow him to pass the wiring through at a later date. Clever, huh?