Thursday, April 21, 2005

Rip Er Out!

Before we ripped it apart...
I'm on a post work high. We tore into the trailer! The kids (visiting nephews who flirted with the idea of camping out there) are gone and we have started work!

We're not quite sure quite what we face yet, but at least the gaucho is out. It was all screws, but some of them were very difficult to remove without stripping. With two of us, it took two hours! It ended up being truly a joint effort--Rick is better at handling the really tightly adhered ones, my smaller hands were better for getting the ones in tight places. Two were set underneath another board that was stapled in place. Rick was able to push it aside and I managed to loosen the screws.

Not bad for a post-work effort. Rick wants to start planning these--though I wonder how we'll fit in many of these kinds of sessions (with both of us working) with his school schedule (Rick is finishing up his college degree after work hours). Maybe it will be easier in the summer session...

The first screws come out.

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