Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Workday Musings

I just realized that the photo from the inside makes it look like our hitch is also separated from the frame! It really isn't--last summer I cleaned up the outside steel and painted it silver. Inside the trailer, however, the frame is painted black. The only thing that is missing is the crossbar and plate at the front. I'll try to insert a diagram of the situation here later.

Fortunately, it's a relatively easy fix. The spot is easily accessible, both from inside the trailer and from outside (by lifting up the bellypan, which now is disconnected).

Last night Rick spent time cleaning things up. Meanwhile, I wasted lots of time trying to find my wire wheel attachment for the drill. I really need to reorganize my supplies, which are now dumped into several plastic tubs.

The last thing I did was start my effort to restore the worn Airstream registration plaque next to the door. For this effort, I am testing out using liquid latex masking fluid (aka Frisket) to block out places I don't want to paint. I started applying it over the etched lettering, right up until it got too dark to work. I am using a very fine brush, but it is still a bit too clumpy to handle the really fine lines--places like the image of the bicyclist and the trailer. I think I am going to end up canabalizing another paintbrush to see if I can cut the bristles down to a finer point. Hopefully this, plus a steady hand, will cover all the image, so I can spray a light layer paint over the rest of the sign and get a good representation of the sign's original appearance.

Ordered a bundleload of supplies from Airstream Dreams. That included breaking down for the very pricey rivet shaver, which thankfully is on sale at this point. Now I have to get some more items to work on windows.

Meanwhile, I also recieved a package in the mail--a vintage WBCCI blue beret that I won last week on ebay. I saw one of these two weeks ago at the Cherry Blossom Rally and fell in love with it. Luckily, the old ones appear to be readily available from vintage clothing dealers. This old one is made from a real French wool beret (I know, because it came in its original packaging) and smacks of that oldtime "ooh la la" look! Newer WBCCI berets are made from military surplus style berets, which, I hate to say, lack a bit of style (especially when they are worn flat on the head like mushroom caps). This old one-c'est superbe! I will be strutting in style when I wear this one down low on my head like an old school beatnik!

Tommorrow I have the day off from work, so I'm probably going to get cracking on the trailer.

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