Thursday, April 28, 2005

New Frame Diagram

As promised, here is a diagram showing the damage to the frame. The near end of the frame bars are painted brown, while the front end (which is further away in the diagram) is grey. The remnant of the cross bars are red (although in real life, these are just rust colored). There are two things I can't figure out how to show in the picture quite yet--that's the wall of the trailer and the bellypan. You'll just have to imagine it running behind the red fragments.

Red area shows where the last bits of the cross member remained
Rahx wrote in that he couldn't quite make out what I was showing in yesterday's posting. I think the issue may have concerned the photo showing where I had cut at the frame. Pretty much, I cut the remnants of the red bits (on the left side). However, there is still a bit of a stub of the old cross bar left, which I will remove later.


Anonymous said...

Can't handle tools, but you make it look tempting. Great blog!

Firefly said...

Thanks for the encouranging feedback!

Really, using the tools isn't very difficult (I always get the folks at Home Depot to show me how to use new tools). I find, as a woman, my biggest difficulty is gaining enough confidence to go ahead and try something. One thing I'm learning, slowly--almost all of my screwups are fixable!

Why not try a project like the one I highlighted yesterday (replacing teardrop lights)? It only requires you to know how to use a screwdriver and a caulk gun. You may have wires go loose, but since there's lots of insulation underneath, it won't be hard to fish out.

Once you master something like this, then you can move to tougher projects!